How to Start a Blog and Promote Your Business

First obviously is you should choose which website you lean toward as space for your blog. Most netizens incline toward Blogspot or other free sites that offer blogging administration. Additional pay for their very own area, modest cost of $10/mo which isn’t terrible.

In any case, if you lean toward a free area, I recommend you enlist a Gmail account. When you have a Gmail account, you can log in to utilizing your Gmail sign-in ID. In the wake of signing in, you’ll be coordinated to your dashboard.


Fill in the required data for your blog. Like the title, the Blog address (this will be your URL which you can post or email to companions to visit your blog. Enter the code and snap proceed.

Pick your blog’s layout to click to proceed (If you need an alternate plan other than what is offered by Blogspot it’s all right, you can at present alter your online journals structure later on).

Presently you possess your blog. Furthermore, begin blogging about your business.

Along these lines, you needed to re-structure your blog. You don’t care for the format and might want to transform it. Go to your dashboard.


Snap EDIT HTML. Open another tab. Enter www. on location bar, and look for “blogspot layouts.” After you have picked which formats you like for your page, spare it on your PC. What’s more, transfer it utilizing “Alter HTML” work. Un-check “Grow Widget Templates” box. Snap see your format, what’s more, if you like it, spare. In the wake of sparing the changes, click “VIEW BLOG.”

Presently you can begin blogging. Merely do a similar system if you need to change your format plan.

Begin blogging and posting about your business and elevate it to companions. Either utilizing your long range interpersonal communication record to advance or some other means you’re all right with.